I'm a freshman studying Computer Science at the University of California, San Diego. I am currently seeking an internship for Summer 2015.


I'm a web developer with an expert knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript (+jQuery), as well as an intermediate knowledge of PHP (and MySQL). I've been building websites for almost 10 years, focusing on cross-browser, standards-compliant interactive user interfaces employing Javascript and CSS3.

Technical Skills


  • HTML
    Semantic, standards-compliant HTML5.
  • CSS
    Responsive, elegant CSS3
    (+ @font-face/@media).
  • Javascript
    Cross-browser, interactive Javascript (+ jQuery).
  • WordPress
    Sophisticated WordPress themes (+ management).


  • PHP
    Object-oriented, functional PHP (+ MySQL).
  • Java
    Object-oriented, user-focused Java.
  • Linux
    Operating Linux environments on servers.


  • Python
    Backend scripting and general interest.
  • Ruby
    Object-oriented application development.
  • Node.js
    Scalable server-based applications.